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Birth horoscope or Radix



Ascendant: Taurus

Enter the time to get your zodiac and the signs of the other planets. If you want to know the ascendant, also give the location. This gives also the houses. You can enter the longitude and latitude directly, or find them with the: City locator.

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Longitude: west: Positive, east: Negative, Latitude: north: Positive, south: Negative.

Constellations and Houses


SunAries XI (52'42")
MoonAries XII (25°56'21")
MercuryAries XII (27°16'59")
VenusAries XI (31'58")
MarsTaurus XII (43°50'57")
JupiterLibra V (199°26'25")
SaturnSagitarius VIII (267°53'53")
UranusAries XI (24°29'35")
NeptunePisces X (342°6'30")
PlutoCapricorn VIII (288°59'56")
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Aries: I want, action oriented, pioneering, assertive, me first, enthusiasm, leader, competitive, selfish, head brain.
Water: Art and emotion. In combination with the other elements, water feels that fire will make it boil, air will evaporate it, but earth will shape and channel it.
Venus: Venus is the planet of love, higher emotions and artistic sensibility. The aspects and positions of Venus in a natal chart indicate how the subject deals with relationships, sexuality and social interaction, as well as their capacity for creating and appreciating beauty.

Information about the other Constellations, Houses, Planets, Elements, Aspects and Chinese Horoscope.

This horoscope is not, like many astrologists do created with a table booklet. When using such a booklet an astrologist can only make an estimation when place and/or time of birth are not precicely present in the tables of his or her book. We are using scientific formulas that are also used by astronomers. This makes the positions of the planets exactely the same as in the sky and makes it possible to draw the radix with astronomical precision.

Daily horoscope, Sidereal and solar time.

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